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Improvement You Can See.

Virtual Reality Exercises Proven

to Help you Stay Active and Maintain your Independence.


To stay healthy and active
we need train our muscles.

The same holds true for our vision.


Over the years, there has been more emphasis on the development of sophisticated training methods to target various areas of our health. Muscles, balance, movement can all be trained The same holds true for our senses including our primary sense: vision.

Although it is well understood that visual perception decreases as we age there is a lack of available preventative strategies to help mitigate this inevitable deterioration of our visual integrity. 

We developed a solution in the form of a stand-alone virtual reality experience that is easy to pick-up and begin working out straightaway, with training that is tailored around the user’s personal needs.

Re:Vision Demo
Our Products

Take a look at the rehabilitation and diagnostic tools we are currently developing. 


Re:Vision is our vision rehabilitation tool geared towards the improvement of visual perception and processing. 

It begins with a quick 5-item questionnaire (VRISE) to assess potential simulator sickness, and performs two instances of the visual training with different backgrounds.
(White lasers represent eye tracking)

Re:Vision is currently being evaluated in a clinical study at:
Perley Health Healthcare Centre in Ottawa, Canada
Canadian Concussion Center at Toronto Western Hospital, Canada


Re:ViewD is our diagnostic tool to evaluate improvements in visual attention and processing.

It contains 4 sections, each testing distinct aspects of visual performance:
Part 1: Processing Speed
Part 2: Divided Attention
Part 3 & 4: Selective Attention


Re:SaccD is a diagnostic application aimed to evaluate changes in ocular motor function after a traumatic brain injury.
(White lasers represent eye tracking)  

Re:SaccD is currently being evaluated in a clinical study at the:
Canadian Concussion Center at Toronto Western Hospital, Canada


Re:ShapeD is a cognitive test that introduces a set of questions aimed to engage and evaluate the quality visual processing.

Re:ShapeD is is currently being evaluated in a 
clinical study at:
Perley Health Healthcare Centre in Ottawa, Canada
Meet the team
Connecting Dots

Meet The Team


Eduardo Garcia

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Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Lora Appel

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Chief Operating Officer


Kyle Cheung

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Director of Sales & Marketing


Pi Nasir

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Lead Developer



Julian Appel

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Dr. Sam Markowitz

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Senior Clinical Advisor

Pioneer of low-vision rehab in Canada, Director of the Ophthalmology clinic at UHN


Dr. Michael Reber

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Senior Research Advisor

International expert on visual processing, 15+ years of vision research



We pride ourselves in designing interventions backed by science.

Our products are derived from strong theoretical constructs and are then rigorously evaluated in clinical trials.

Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Our story has gained the attention of the public, and continues to spread awareness of the benefits of visual training.

Read and listen to what patients, doctors, and celebrities have to say about our products.

Come SEE us in action!

Our Partners

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